When it comes to the Human Rights of Minority Groups, Aotearoa leads the world on some fairly major issues, and has relatively good track record on many more:

  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Women voting
  • Female Prime Minister
  • Sex workers’ human rights protected
  • Homosexual law reform
  • Marriage equality
  • HIV prevention and treatment

These issues have been lifted up and spotlighted by the minorities involved; you better believe it was Maori who called for Te Tiriti o Waitangi, women who wanted an equal say in politics, sex workers who wanted labour rights and legal protections.

While it is people of minority groups whose voices should be listened to above all others on issues that affect them, there are also important roles to be played by supportive communities.Likewise, there are people in every instance who advocate against our human rights. Sometimes they say-

don’t give Maori people special rights! they want more rights than us!


contraception and abortions are against god! what about the rights of unborn children


respecting sex workers makes men think all women are sex workers! protect women who aren’t sex workers by eradicating women who are sex workers!


marriage should be between a man and a woman! protect family values!

This blog is about feminism in Aotearoa New Zealand, about where we have been, where we’re at, and where I can imagine things going. It’s also about what we need to do if we want better outcomes.

None of the above rights were handed to us by the colonial government without a struggle.

This is a blog about resistance.